Here I Go Again

Things are moving along somewhat smoothly here at our house. But I am expecting some turbulence up ahead, so I am buckling in now.

This week we said goodbye to Sailor as he boarded his plane to Guam. It is likely we won't see him again until next March, but I can't really dwell on that now because we are moving to Hawaii! So many other things to worry about.

Operation "Bumpy Road to Paradise" is about to go into full effect.

Our house goes on the market next week. Here's hoping for a quick sale. The market here has actually been doing fantastically, but I don't want to get my hopes up. Although, I am confident in our house's selling potential because quite frankly our house kicks all other house's asses at the moment. I am being completely objective when I say that too, I swear. 

We are leaving towards the end of July, whether the house is sold or not. Of course I would love not to make mortgage payments, but if we have to it can be done.

This month we are getting our medical screenings taken care of. This would be really easy if we were on a military base but since we are going to civilian doctors I am concerned about the ease of getting the military paperwork filled out. It's muy confusing. I know it will get worked out in the end, but I a neurotic and worry about things like this. :)

I also have to set up our move. I think this is just a phone call, but once again, my neuroses is showing, as I am worried that this might be harder than imagined. This will also entail shipping our car from the states to Hawaii. 

That there is the list that has to be taken care of. Written out it doesn't seem like a lot. Okay, I concede, it isn't a lot at all. But going through this without The Sailor had me a tiny bit panicked. But I am a strong, intelligent and independent woman. (I will have to repeat this a few times a day, my new mantra)

There are so many things I should be thankful for that I don't have to take care of. 

We don't physically move anything ourselves. The movers come in pack everything up and take it all away. Even when we get to Hawaii they unpack everything for us too. This is a truly wonderful way to move. Highly recommended.

We don't have to pay for our move at all. The movers, timeshare and traveling credit card accounts are paid for. This definitely deserves to be in the "Yippee" column.

So for a little while life should return back to a bit of normalcy before it gets all loco up in here again. Until the craziness hits the fan I am going to try my hardest to get back into the PF blogging world. Wish me luck.