Goodbye and Hello

Okay this post has been a really long time coming. 

We officially put our house on the market last Tuesday. It's kinda been slow going but it's expected to pick up this week. We are relocating to the Dallas, TX area, where I will be embarking on a new career in the payment processing industry as a sales manager with We'll see.

Who knew keeping your house spotless whilst being a faux single mother was so exhausting? It really does sound like it would be and it is. I am learning this.

But on to Debt Free by Thirty bloggy business.

As I already wrote, this has been a long time coming and I kept putting it off hoping that personal finance inspiration would hit me. It hasn't.

I started this blog for what seems like forever ago, to get ourselves out of some serious debt. I did that. My love for this blog is not really with the personal finance stuff, but with the people I have "met" and the sharing of our lives. I read other personal finance blogs, or blogs in general,  not for the advice so much anymore but because I feel like I am checking in on an old, new or familiar friend. People I admire and have inspired me.

Our finances our under control. But for a long time I felt like I was obsessed with personal finance, debt, saving, IRAs, 529s, ING, 401Ks, TSPs, compound interest, coupons, spending, budgets, retirement... you get the picture. But there's more to life than planning where to put our money next and I had lost sight of that for a bit. I have a tendency to become a little obsessed.

My forte isn't finance, but I don't want to stop blogging.

So as weird as this may sound, I am saying goodbye to Debt Free by Thirty. I will always hold this blog close to my heart. It really saved us from future financial ruin. I am planning on keeping it up for now. I'll see where that takes us. But I feel with this blog there is an expectation (albeit a low one and probably only from myself) to be finance related.

So the good news is I am not quitting blogging all together. I have a new pet project that shows off the things I like to do most, which is crafting and cooking. I suppose I will still be in the saving money game since I love an inexpensive craft and dinner idea. I intend on building a blog that complements my creativity.

In comes Hello Paper Moon

I have already posted a few things over there. So if you are interested in following me over to non-personal finance, yet personal blog go ahead and check it out.

Also, if you are interested find me on Pinterest and Instagram (nikilevai) since they are now my addictions. Thanks Mutant for turning me back on to Instagram.