Playing What Ifs and Getting Some News

I have been working on getting our house ready to sell. Mostly just organizing and a few touch ups here and there. But every once in a while I find myself looking at houses for sale. It's fun to look for our future home. Even if it is an exercise in futility. I only say that because we have no idea where we are moving yet and us purchasing a new home is contingent on where we will be stationed. Yeah, looking at houses is fantastic and all but knowing the location is just a little bit of a necessity. Oh well, details.

I was even playing with the numbers kind of like emortgagecalculator’s mortgage calculator to estimate what kind of payment we would be dealing with in a new home. It really is a good time to buy a home with mortgage rates so low. It's just that we would also be selling a home and it's just not the best time to be doing that side of the transaction. Especially if we have only been in our home a little over three years. 

It's still fun to dream of buying a new home. Especially since I love the transformation part of getting into a new place. Making it ours. This is what we did with our current home. Practically every room in this house has had some sort of adjustment made to it. Most the time it was DIY, which is exciting to me. I just love doing it myself.

I just wish we had news of our next location. It would be such a relief to finally be able to move forward with our plans. Whichever plans that may be.

Alriighty then. This would be an adjustment to this previously scheduled post. We finally have confirmation of our new location...

The Sailor will be moving to Guam without us, his family, in June. The only reason we won't be leaving to go with him is because his ship is transferring to Hawaii in about a year. And at that time we will be moving with him to Hawaii.

I am moving to Hawaii y'all. 

Oh my goodness, I am beyond excited. Oh so many things to figure out.