And the award for worst blogger ever goes to...

Yours truly.

I know I kind of dropped off the face of the internet. I don't have any other excuse except for the craziness that has become my everyday life lately.

We are, which actually means me at the moment, trying to get ready for our impending move (TO HAWAII!!) even if it is a ways off. There are so many things to do. We have to get rid of a bunch of our household items since they are pretty strict about the weight limits for the move across the country and half an ocean. Considering the amount of large furniture we have I have to say I am worried about going over the limit. Decluttering and yard sale time!
I still almost can't believe we are moving here!
We also have to put our house on the market. I think... There is a chance that we may not have to go through the rigmarole as our neighbors are interested in purchasing our house. Which would be fantastic for us, since they would very accommodating and buy the house when it is convenient for us. They are in no hurry to move. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this to happen, but I am working on a contingency plan if it all falls through. It wouldn't be like me not to have a back up plan. :)

The Sailor is coming home soon. Next Friday to be exact! It has been four months since I have seen him, so to say I am excited is not really enough. Ecstatic wrapped in elated and dipped in enthusiastic! Not only is he coming home but he will be off for a whole month. During this time we are going on our fully funded geek-tastic vacation to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Legoland! We are going for the geekiness hat trick and having dinner at Medieval Times too. I can not wait!

Oh and if all goes as planned we may get to cross off something on our life list which would be to ride in a hot air balloon.

All right is that just too much good news for one post?

Well, I do have some bad news. I suppose it isn't bad per se, but I probably won't be blogging much this upcoming month either. I know, I know. I have already been such a bad blogger. But we are going to be pretty busy and I really just want to enjoy time with my family. The Sailor will be leaving in June to move to Guam and it's very probable that we won't see him again until our move to Hawaii.

I do believe I will be back in full capacity come June. Besides I think it will be fun to chronicle our preparation to move "overseas" without spending too much money! Maybe I can make money by downsizing so much. We'll see!