Took the Week Off and It Was Great!

My laptop went kaput about a week and a half ago. That would be a great excuse on why I haven't been blogging as of late but it's not the only reason. I just needed a break.

It's been lovely too. I cleaned out a bunch of cluttered areas like a few closets and the attic. Put some items on Ebay, donated a bunch of stuff to Goodwill and the Humane Society (towels), and dropped off quite a bit of clothing at the consignment shop. I know that doesn't sound like a break, but it feels great to get it done and over with. With our move coming closer and closer it's nice to get rid of extra stuff.

I sent my busted laptop to my dad, who fixes these kind of things, and the good news is that is wasn't really broken. Some wires had become loose and once it was all plugged back in it was working again. But since he has it in his possession we are going to do a few upgrades on it. Yay for upgrades!

Even though the laptop debacle wasn't all that expensive, it's been a spendy week around here. The girls and I went to "the city" yesterday to get some new clothes/shoes and go see The Hunger Games. We haven't been shopping in a while and with warmer weather on its way we needed some shorts and dresses. My daughters definitely needed new shoes. They had been wearing a kid's size 4 and come to find out they need a women's size 7 shoe. I can't believe I have children that wear a woman's sized shoe. They are also going to be middle schoolers next year but that is a whole other "I can't believe it" tangent.

We had a really nice daycation, we bought a few splurges and a lot of necessities.

Other then that it has been a quiet week around the house full of homemaking, which sounds much more glamorous than it is. Lots of cleaning and cooking.
Cherry Chocolate Bread
Asian Ginger Dressing (fantastic for veggie wraps)
This week also marked my eleven year anniversary to the Sailor. Of course, he's not here, but my wonderful neighbors came over for dinner and a night of card games. It was a fun and nice distraction to the fact I am sailor-less. But there is news on an end date for his schooling and he should be done around the beginning of May. Which is fantastic. We will hopefully get to go on our vacation after he graduates.

Which reminds me that we also a got our taxes back this week (it's been a good week). Our vacation fund is almost fully funded and we put a nice chunk into the emergency savings too. It's so nice not to have to put our refund towards our debt or to pay back something that we had already spent it on. :) We truly could do whatever we wanted with it.

So that is the update with what is happening in my neck of the woods. Not that you guys were biting your nails wondering what happened to me or anything. I had a really nice week off of blogging and I think it is a sign that I am going to cut way back in that capacity. I still want to keep blogging but not at the intensity or at the commitment I was. I am having fun just playing show and tell with projects and our desire to keep ourselves in check financially. Oh, and cooking.