It Was a Good Week and Links

Most the time I am a annoyingly positive person. But ever since the beginning of the year I find myself writing about decidedly depressing themes. It has a lot to do with having The Sailor gone and a little to do with a pay cut. With that said, I think I am completely over whining about our circumstances at the moment. No real tragedy has struck our household and playing sad victim has worn out it's welcome with me. Plus, spring is coming. Need I say more?

The weekend has brought a lot of music and baking. It'e been good. I have been focusing on so much of the negative I am completely forgetting all the good stuff around me. Besides the essentials of health and a roof over our head. The kids brought home exemplary grades for their mid-nine week report, it hasn't snowed in forever and I got a letter from a long-time friend. Things are good, my attitude just needed an adjustment.

So on to the links...

Frugal Confessions talks about the myths and rituals that perpetuate the mystery and power of money.

Shopping Detox thinks about some frugal death arrangement options. I don't even want a coffin, just stick me in the ground.

Money Beagle says don't assume things will stay the same. Because they usually don't.

Jackie from Money Crush says kick doubt to the curb. It's the only way you'll get it done.

Frugal Beautiful reminds us not to rest on our laurels.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.