Financial Lessons From Game of Thrones

Yay! Game of Thrones comes back to HBO April 1st. And I couldn't be more excited. Game of Thrones is quite possibly the best series on television right now. Everything about this show is intriguing and intelligent and awesome. I have never read the books, and I may, but as of now I don't want to know what happens next in the series. I am having too much fun watching the show at the moment.

*Spoiler Alert*
If you plan on watching or reading this series and don't want to know what happens, then I would stop reading now because there are all kinds of spoilers up in here.

Just because you pay your debts doesn't mean you're a good person
The unofficial motto of the Lannister family is "A Lannister always pays his debts". Well, they may have the most gold in all the land, but they are not the nicest group you'll ever meet. In fact, I would not want to meet any of the Lannisters, with the exception of Tyrion. Any quality that you despise in a person, the Lannisters have it and more. Their family is riddled with incest, treachery, and greed. Not only are the adults unbearable, they are passing down their sleaziness to their children. Any time Joffrey, the son of twins, Jaime and Cersei Lannister, (Yeah, I wrote that right, twin siblings having a child) opens his mouth I feel the need to ring his pompous little neck. The whole bunch just all around skeeve me out.

Which brings me to my point, The Lannisters may be absurdly rich but it doesn't make them good people

Realistically, it's probably what makes them so miserable in the first place. They have always been able to buy their way out of situations, rather then face any consequences for their actions. They believe they are above the law and/or morality. While it may be true at the moment, you can only piss so many people off before they stop caring about how much money you have.

If I am certain of anything on this show, it's that the Lannister's time is gonna come. Well, I desperately hope I am certain.
Tyrion, Congrats on being the only sane Lannister. Jaime, Seriously, quit looking Cersei that way. She's your sister for frak's sake.
You get what you pay for
What can you really expect when you sell your sister to a barbaric leader for the hope of using his armies to win back "your" crown. I'll tell you what you should expect, a warrior brother-in-law that won't put up with your incessant whining and disrespect.

In one of the more gruesome scenes, Viserys truly earns his gold crown when Drogo, his brother-in-law, finally has had it with with the self-entitled and self-proclaimed heir to the throne. Drogo pours molten gold over the top of Viserys's head and he finally gets what he has whined for all along.

This could be a twofer lesson in that you should be careful what you wish for, especially if you are a character in a book, because it will most likely literally happen.
Really Viserys? You thought making this guy mad was good idea? Really? 

Quality health care is important
In one of the more infuriating moments of Game of Thrones, the intimidating giant, Khal Drogo is done in by a mere flesh wound. This leader has basically never lost a battle and he's been fighting his whole entire life; a scratch is not supposed to be the undoing of this guy.

Of course, this could have been avoided if Daenerys, his wife, had sought proper medical treatment instead of relying on some medicine woman whose village they had just pilfered and destroyed. In a strange turn of events, Daenerys loses her unborn child and her husband because of her naivety.
Poor, naive Khaleesi. If you had taken Khal Drogo to a real doctor, you wouldn't have lost him and your unborn son to a vengeful witch
Obviously I might be a little more than intrigued by this show, but it is only because it is so good. I mean, it has dragons people!