Finally Made One Decision

The direction of our life decisions has been completely up in the air for the last six months. For a constant planner like me it has been a bit of a nightmare and started to make me a little insane. Okay, maybe more than just a little. But for the last week I have been really thinking about selling our current house and we came to think it would be the right verdict for us. It's not a a decision that we take lightly, as we love our 100+ year old home.

Since moving in at the end of December of 2008, we have done a countless number of upgrades. We most definitely will not be getting our money back on all those "investments", but we have enjoyed living in a more updated home. Not only that, since we did most of the improvements ourselves, we have had a great learning experience for when we purchase our next home. That type of education is invaluable and will be extremely useful on our next adventure.

The logistics of this decision still need to be worked out. Like whether or not we will try and sell ourselves or hire an agent. My first reaction is to try and sell it ourselves. We'll see where that takes us.

Right now, this decision just means I have to get our home ready for walk-throughs. Lots of organizing and cleaning to be done. I will also need to do a few minor and cheaper home repairs. Mostly stuff that can be fixed with a caulk gun and a paint brush.

It's nice to finally be able to move forward with any decision since our lives have been put on hold so much this year. It's not necessarily that I need more things to keep me busy, but it is satisfying to feel like progress is being made, even if it is just a little tiny bit of progress.

Of course part of the fun in having this blog will be to share pictures of the upgrades I will be completing and maybe get some advice conundrums I may be facing. If you guys are feeling up to it.