What a Week!

This week has been insanely busy for me. On the bright side, insanely busy usually means insanely expensive which happily was not the case.

I have been cooking a lot. More than usual.

That's because I have been getting my new blog ready. I have been wanting to start up a foodie blog for some time now and I finally pulled it all together. You can check it out, it's called Hazel Street Eats. I still have a few minor tweaks to do, but for now it is ready for public consumption.

I really like listening to music while I am in the kitchen and since I have been in the kitchen my fair share this week, I have a free and easy solution. Have you guys heard of Pandora? It's a free internet radio station. It's kinda awesome. You pick artists or songs you like and then Pandora builds a playlist from your choices. It's what I listen to in the kitchen while a work. There aren't too many commercials and it actually clues me in on some new artists.

Other than just cooking and starting new blogs, I've also started doing a few blog design jobs. I've always designed Debt Free by Thirty and if you've been around awhile you know I am always changing it. I am pretty sure it's going to get changed soon. Sorry, I can't help it. Moving along from my blog design flip flopping, I also designed my new site Hazel Street Eats and Lisa's site at Cents to Save.

If you're interested in my services let me know. As of right now I am only working with Blogger blogs. I know my way around them pretty well.

On the financial front, things are working out okay. You might not remember or know this, but we took a ten percent pay cut at the beginning of the year. It's right now that I am so glad that we are debt free. Not sure we would have gotten through this if we had to pay our debt too. Especially since we are finding retirement, education and emergency savings a priority right now. We aren't able to contribute a ton to the 529s or the Roths but it's starting to become fun watching those balances go up, even if it is ever so slowly.

I am looking forward to this weekend. The kids and I are going to see Mulan at our local theater, should be fun. Anybody else have "big" plans for the weekend?