Still Making Valentines

Even though we are out of debt, we still are not going all out for Valentine's Day. As much as I love the Sailor, I don't think Valentine's is the time for me to shower him with gifts. It's okay. I don't really want to be showered in gifts either. I am pretty low maintenance. I'd rather put money in our emergency fund. Plus, who cares about Valentine's Day when your husband is away! It's a dumb holiday.

All right. I might be a little bitter about being Sailor-less. But just a little bit.

Just because I am kind of a jerk about Valentine's doesn't mean I don't participate all together. I like to make things for my loved ones.

Starting off with this faux bois card I made with our initials. It's just made out of cardstock with scissors and a cutting tool. Oh, and glue.

See how it just blends into my dining table, since it's so faux bois. Fine. It's definitely not perfect, but I really like the way it looks. I may just make it art for the house.

Since the Sailor is away, I am going to make this holiday fun for the kids. 

We are planning on making filigree heart pancakes for dinner. Like these ones...
The ones I make are going to look this good. Are you laughing yet? I am.

Usually, the kids and I pull off some unique valentines. That's not happening this year. Plain ol' store bought ones this year. BUT, I am making the kids some cool valentine mailboxes like this one...

All three of my kids are LEGO fanatics, so this should make their Valentine's. 

So what are your Valentine plans? Are you doing a family thing or the couple thing or the cry in bed thing?  I am going to do a little bit of the family thing and a little bit of the listen to kick ass independent girl rock and eat caramel and chocolate. I can't wait.