So, What's With the Cranes?

It's a question I get asked a lot lately. I have mentioned it a few times here, on this blog, and it's kind of apparent if you walk into my living room. I have almost two hundred origami cranes dangling around. I suppose it is a little weird. 

For the most part making one thousand cranes is about patience. That is an element I find severely lacking in my day to day life. I would love to say that I am a patient person, but then my pants would immediately catch on fire. I mean, I got out of almost $15,000 worth of debt in less than a year, if that doesn't just scream impatient, I don't know what does. I know getting out of a debt was a major accomplishment, but it is a prime example of me wanting to get to the destination without enjoying the journey. 

Of course, it's not just my debt bustin' skillz that lack patience. When completing a do-it-yourself project I find myself ridiculously consumed with finishing it. Everything else be damned. I am trying to learn to step away and leave a bit for tomorrow, so I don't exhaust myself in the process. 

It's not just projects either. The most important area where my lack of patience concerns me is with my children. As a parent, there are a million things you look back on and think I could have done that differently. Sometimes it feels like there are a million things a day I could have done differently. I want to teach my children to enjoy a moment, think before they speak and not to be too quick to judge or become angry. Right now, I feel like an expert on how not to do those things.

This year I am looking at my goals or my projects and thinking of them as adventures rather than destinations. There are learning experiences buried somewhere in them and I am going to quit ignoring that fact. 
That's where the one thousand cranes come in. I can't complete it in one day or even one week. It's a detail-oriented process that I can't just immediately finish. Taking my time and enjoying the process.

So, I think the next question would be, is it working?

Well, it's definitely a work in progress to say the least. I'll let you know how it goes.