I Need a Vacation and Links

I most definitely hit a wall this week. I really hate to complain on this blog, but I am exhausted and missing my husband. I guess some weeks are better than others, this is one of those other weeks. Nothing dire happened, I just am ready for a vacation. One of the worst aspects of the Sailor being gone is that we really have no idea when he'll be home again. There's a chance he won't actually come home and we'll have to meet up with him somewhere, anywhere in the country. It's all very unclear. It sucks not even having an end date to look forward to.

On a positive note, I haven't spent much money. That's actually an accomplishment in my book. Usually, when I am feeling blue I open up my wallet for some retail therapy, but not lately. I have been so focused on saving money for well... everything.

While I am putting a little bit of money everywhere, my main focus is for our planned vacation. I say planned, but in reality the only thing that is planned is the destination. With the uncertainty of our next location for our transfer still looming it's hard to plan. Saving money is the only real progress I can make. I know that doesn't sound all bad, but it would be nice to have a date to look forward to with this too.

Well now that I have probably bummed you out a bit, here are some great links from around the pf globe...

Financially Consumed asks about balancing functional and cosmetic home improvements. How do you decide?

Jackie from Money Crush asks the question that has been on my mind lately. You've got an emergency fund, now what?

Money After Graduation poses the question, what should your net worth be at 30? I know mine is not where it should be but I know I am going in the right direction.

American Debt Project has a fantastic guest post at The Daily Money Shot with Admit it. You're Jealous. Yeah, you are.

Andrea at So Over Debt writes about the high price of poor financial decisions. This is heartbreaking and honest.

Checkout the advice of children when MoneyTrail decides to give her children a pop quiz. Out of the mouths of babes, as they say.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!