Festival of Frugality: Superheroes Are Frugal Too Edition

Hello and welcome to the 325th edition of the Festival of Frugality. The Festival of Frugality highlights personal finance posts that deal with how to pinch those pennies or save that dollar.

I am a sucker for a theme for my festivals or carnivals and while I was tempted to do a leap year facts edition it just wasn't exciting enough for my blood. So superheroes it is. Because what's more exciting than superheroes? It also occurred to me that superheroes are quite frugal and who hasn't sometimes thought that superpowers are needed to stay on the path of frugality.

Editor's Super Picks
Smart Family Finance has pretty convincing financial reasons to get rid of your junk. There are so may reasons to get rid of your "junk". It's nice to have one that will put cash in your wallet too. 
Annabelle from Shopping Detox gives her city a frugal audit.  This really has me thinking about my own town. 
A. Blinkin from Funancials entertains us as usual with how do you judge value? 

This Canadian saves tons of money on weaponry by using his retractable claws to fight his enemies. Not only does he save money on his implanted badassery the guy barely ages. Us ladies know how much money is to be saved if you're not buying anti-wrinkle cream. Plus, Wolverine frugals it up by keeping roommates and living with his X-Men team.
Money Q and A has a few strategies to stretch your travel budget.
Work Save Live writes about understanding tax deductions. 
Not Made of Money has a unique idea about saving money by sharing a nanny
Passive Income to Retire writes about their motivation to retire. 
20's Finances talks about the importance of having a job in college.
Master the Art of Saving asks the age old question with to tip or not to tip.
Your Finances Simplified gives us the facts with tax deductions and tax credits debunked.
Watson Inc. asks do you have the courage to be wealthy? 
Odd Cents has the advice that an expensive price tags doesn't always indicate value. 
Thriftibility has tips for buying life insurance without the stress. 
Although Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, he's still financially savvy enough to practice frugal ideas. First of all think of all the cash Batman saves by using a cave as his underground lair. Sure, it helps keep his identity a secret and the saved money can go into researching even better gadgets. Since being frugal isn't just about saving money, it's about being smart with your money Bruce Wayne gets a gold star for knowing the value of investing and entrepreneurship.
Budgeting with The Bushman's has a few ideas on what to do with your tax return.
Canadian Personal Finance has a helpful list of potential items that you can deduct from your blogging expenses
LaTisha at Young Adult Finances writes about how to do your taxes on the cheap
My Retirement Blog has pretty much convinced me to retire in Panama
Heartland Living on a Budget started keeping a record of grocery store prices in order to lower the bill
Simple Finance shows us the dark side of automatic payments. 
Money Spruce talks about the benefits and problems associated with living on food stamps. 
The Ultimate Juggle talks about the perks of shopping online
Sweating the Big Stuff debates high insurance premiums or high deductibles.
How to Save Money has an in-depth look on how to save money with long distance provider. 

Even for a princess Storm is quite frugal. Storm has the precise ability to control all aspects of the weather so this girl's heating and cooling bill is low fo' sho. You know she also saves a lot of money by being able to wear a uniform to work.
Amanda at Frugal Confessions writes about accepting your circumstances and your finances.
Money is the Root tells us why we should consider furniture rental. 
Bucksome Boomer gives some great tips on how to save money without feeling the pinch.
Affiliate Tips write about how to make money from your hobbies. 
My Money Design wonders are we fools for saving our money?
The Family Wallet tells us about how to save on food costs with a community garden.
Money Spending Mommy wonders if it is possible to pay off your mortgage early
Spiderman is basically the king of the frugal superheroes. I mean, the man-spider designed and sewed his own costume. Not only that, he got a part-time job for his hobby in photography to help pay for expenses as he puts himself through college.
Finance Fox wants cheaper car insurance with Dear, Insurance Agent.
Money Reasons discusses the myth of staying married to become wealthy. 
Sustainable Personal Finance writes about budgeting with uncertainties. 
Ashley at Money Talks Coach asks what's the point of having money if you can't spend it?
Family Money Values share financial lessons from the movie Secretariat.
Passive Family Income shares how to have a frugal vacation with the right hotel. 
Adjunctorium wants to know why is it so hard to throw out books? 
Step Away From the Mall has a fun way to frame the want vs. need debate. 
Personal Finance Success has 5 ways you can save at the gas pump.  
The Man of Steel has his own frugal ways too. No need to worry about transportation costs when you can fly around town. And while Superman didn't necessarily make his own costume, the material that was used, or reused rather, came from the blankets that wrapped him when he was found on Earth. Frugality win!
Krantcents gives us a breakdown of the 3 D's of success.
Money Smart Guides lets us know how long to keep financial documents
Beating Broke has 3 big steps to fight off rising produce costs
Familyancial Wealth lets us know that is you're thinking about having a child, now's the time to do it to reap the tax benefits.
Little House in the Valley wants us to save money now. 
Saving Advice has 50 ways to reuse a dryer sheet. 
Prairie EcoThrifter shares frugal family fun in the American Midwest. 
See Debt Run does the great mortgage money shuffle. 

Thank you to everyone for participating in this week's Festival of Frugality.