This Week in Repairing Half My Children's Wardrobe

This week it was my mission to mend the growing pile of clothing I had been ignoring. Some of the items were easy fixes with my sewing machine because the ripped along a seam, the mending was easily hidden. Other fixes, not so much. I had a few things with holes right in the middle that needed to be fixed.

Repairing Jeans
My son been known for blowing the knee out of his jeans. Tired of continuously buying new jeans I just started repairing them instead. Here's how I fixed his jeans this week. It was incredibly simple.

I also found this super cute solution, but my kids are all just a little too old. I wish I had seen this sooner though.

Repairing Sweaters
My daughter's sweater had a hole in the elbow, so I tried this needle felted patch technique. I didn't have a needle-felting mat but I used styrofoam instead and that worked out great. I used the same color wool so the patch is almost undetectable.

I also could have darned the sweater for a more unnoticeable fix. You can darn socks too, of course.

I am just glad to have that pile of holey clothes fixed and back in the drawers. I don't consider mending to be a fun past time, that's probably why the pile was so large to begin with but it definitely is a money saver. And I do have a lot of pride in repairing something rather then throwing it out and buying a new something to replace it.