Sunday Morning Insecurities

What a week! I guess I should say what a month, since it's almost over.

I can say that January was a great month financially for us, we put over $1,000 in our emergency fund. Even if I didn't put all my blog earnings into that pot, that usually is the plan, but I put aside ten percent for the Bloggers Give Back and I also bought myself a new camera. You might have been able to tell from this post.

It's a Nikon D3000, I got it from Craigslist with an additional lens. It wasn't super cheap but I got the camera and the lens for less than retail. Score! I can finally cross something off my 2012 goals. However, I did replace that goal with "learn how to use new camera". So, I picked up a couple books from the library about taking better photographs. Anybody have any book recommendations for taking better photos?

Other than that, I do feel like I have been an absentee blogger this past month, more so this week than ever. What can I say, except for that I've been busy. Well, actually I think the truth is that I am finding it harder to write posts lately. I think I am starting to have insecurities about my blog as my readership grows.

When I was getting out of debt, I felt like I had so much to share about the progress I was making. Now that we are adding to an emergency fund it feels more like bragging than progress. I don't know why I feel that way. There's something that screams "look how well we are doing. Neener, neener." to me that I didn't feel like was happening when we were in a debt hole.

Since I hesitate to write about our savings progress, I have been finding it hard to write about anything finance related. You know, since I am about as far from finance expert as one can usually get. So financial advice is pretty much off the table. Seriously, please do not take financial advice from me. Currently, I am last place for the Money Pros Index Fund Challenge. It's overwhelmingly embarrassing, but good thing I didn't actually invest in my choices. We can add to the list our day to day finance stuff, it's pretty boring, boring is good for us, but not so fun for blog material.

Maybe I am just now realizing that I started Debt Free by Thirty for me to reach that goal and now that it is completed I am left thinking to myself, "Okay, now what?". It's been almost six months since I got out of debt, I feel like I should know what the what should be by now.

Well, this post took a decidedly introspective turn.

I am sure I will figure this out soon enough. I can only not write for so long before you guys stop showing up.