The Financial Factors of Your New Year Resolution

The following is a guest post from Money SuperMarket

Every New Year, we make the same resolutions. Sometimes, they vary slightly and sometimes we add new ones, but mostly they stay the same.
Many people want to lose weight, a noble and healthy thought, but how many actually manage to lose weight and keep it off? We want to make more money, live healthier and become fit. Sounds familiar?

The Cost of Your Resolutions
Unless you are disciplined enough to walk 30 minutes after work every day, you are more than likely going to join a gym. A gym is a place where you can exercise at times when you don't want to be out walking, like late at night, for instance, or when it rains, or when it is cold and miserable in winter.
So, you will probably opt for the gym, but joining a gym comes with membership fees and contracts and you can pay for this with your prepaid cards.
How many times have you joined a gym at the beginning of the year, just to slip when you get busy at work or with family commitments? Have you ever calculated the gym fees you have wasted on these efforts?
Gym owners are smiling. Losing weight is the one thing most women and many men aspire to. It is not their fault if you do not keep up with your commitment and once you have signed a contract, they have a steady income if not a steady client.
You can save on this year's fees by getting exercise in other ways. For example, you can do your own housework. Vacuuming the house is considered good exercise. You can work in the garden, take your turn to walk the dog and use the steps at work and not the elevator.
The same applies to weight loss. You can sign up for a program, pay the fees and buy the CD but if you do not use it, you are wasting money.
Have you ever lost money with a get-rich-quick scheme? You want to earn more, but not every endeavor is successful. Rather, save up your money and make use of prepaid cards to monitor your finances better. Never use credit cards, as you are spending money you don't have.

How Not To Pay
There are resolutions you can make that are not going to leave you out of pocket. If you want to stop smoking, you can use willpower or learn how to do self-hypnosis. You might have to pay for the latter once, but will be able to use it again in the future for the same resolution or another one.
If drinking is a problem, you can join the AA. No major outlay of costs here. Yes, you have to drive to the meetings but you also drive to other destinations, so this is not an exception.

Are You Going To Be Successful?
Many people resist change and if you are one of those, you will have a problem before you've even started. Unless you have convinced yourself that this is absolutely what you want, you are the person who is going to waste money again on another New Year's resolution.
There are people who look for change and welcome it; they are the ones who might make a success of their resolutions. They look for new experiences and if they have not joined a gym before, they might actually like to learn something new.

Paying with your prepaid cards is an easy way of paying but make sure to check your budget before your New Year's resolutions leave you out of pocket.