Celebrating the New Year!

The other New Year,  the Chinese New Year, is on Monday, January 23rd. It's a holiday that doesn't get much attention in my neck of the woods, but that doesn't mean we can't do a little celebration at home. I thought I could cheer up our house and celebrate by putting up some paper lanterns. I also plan on making a Chinese cuisine themed dinner.

1. The Supplies
Paper- Any kind will do I used red cardstock.
Ruler- Or something you can use as a straight edge
Scissors- Or a blade to cut the paper
Stapler- To connect the edges
Wire- To hang up the lantern
2. Fold your cardstock in half. You'll want to leave about a one inch border on the side that isn't folded. Then you can make your cuts on the folded side. You can make these any size from but I mostly did 1/2 or 1 inch increments.
3. When you are done with your cuts it should look like this.
4. Unfold your paper. Roll up the paper and attach at the ends with staples, so that your cuts are vertical. Then you can make two holes on the top to thread your wire or string. Then just hang it up and enjoy.

I placed our lanterns on a string of lights. I love the effect it gives the room. It's a nice ambiance while we eat our meals. I even put some tissue paper on the inside of some of them. We might just have to keep them up for longer than the new year.

Other Activities:
Since it is the year of the dragon you could make a Chinese dragon with an egg carton.
Another Chinese New Year tradition is giving red envelopes.
You could also make your own paper or felt fortune cookies.