Thirty is the new thirty!
Let's have fun with thirty today, since it's my thirtieth birthday! Woo hoo!

Thirty Things 
You Might Not Know About Me

1. My real name is Nicolette.

2. I have been/visited 39 states in the US. I hope to complete all 50 soon. I am missing a good chunk of New England and also Alaska.

3. Outside the US, I have been to Vancouver, Tijuana and Turks and Caicos. Not the most exciting but I plan on expanding this list greatly.

4. I have lived in 7 states. California, Hawaii, Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington.

5. A few years ago I broke my leg really badly. I shattered my bone and tore two ligaments. I couldn't walk on my own for about 4 months. It sucked!

6. I am an only child. I don't ever remember wishing I had siblings.

7. I am an architect junkie. I love buildings, especially old ones.

8. I have never bought a lottery ticket.

9. I have a freaky good memory when it comes to actors, directors, movies, songs and bands. I also have very eclectic taste so I kill at pop culture trivia. But I seriously can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. Did I even have breakfast?

10. I don't have a favorite anything. I am always changing what I like best and I am always trying new things.

11. My celebrity crush is Ewan McGregor. Has been since I was sixteen years old and it's still going strong.

12. I really can not sing. That doesn't mean I can't win at karaoke games. I really don't know how this happens but I can rack up the points.

13. I dislike snow, very much.

14. Not a huge fan of the beach either.

15. I'm a mountain woman.

16. When I was getting an ultrasound the first time I was pregnant, I heard the phrase, "And there's the second head." I immediately thought, "Why does my baby have two heads?"  We were having twins, obviously. Not a two-headed baby.

17. One of the best jobs I ever had was being a pirate. I worked at a small theme park and I taught people how to play laser tag as a pirate. Arrghhh! I have a really great pirate voice.

18. I am a cat person.

19. I used to be a smoker. I quit cold turkey about five years ago.

20. I can get a tad obsessive. When I was smoking, I was smoking a pack and half a day and it wasn't lights either. At the time I was smoking Camel Wides. Smoking so much is one of my few regrets.

21. I have really long fingers. I have always been asked if I play the piano. I wish I did.

22. Every once in a while, when I speak a southern twang comes out. I didn't grow up in the South but I consider myself from the South.

23. I remember most of my dreams and I experience deja vu a lot.

24. I wish I could draw or paint. Although, I think it is a blessing that I can not. I can see myself being completely obsessed with creating something everyday, all day. 

25. I used to be able to run a six minute mile. That was a long time ago.

26. I can never remember my anniversary. Luckily, my husband has this covered.

27. I am extremely practical and reasonable. Sometimes I wish I wasn't.

28. In middle school, my algebra teacher gave class superlatives. I was most likely to become the first female president of the United States. Maybe there's still a chance.:)

29. I prefer cars with a manual transmission over automatic. It's just more fun to drive!

30. I am not the least bit upset by turning thirty. Bring it on!

So, that's thirty things you may not have known about me. Find out anything surprising?