Links From A Slacker

Okay, I haven't been a real life slacker just a blogging one. I have scaled back my blogging time a lot but I am catching up. I haven't shown any link love in a while and now it might as well be Valentine's Day because link love is in the air.

Aloysa from My Broken Coin asks Honestly, Why Do You Blog?
Honestly, I started this blog for me. I thought writing down and having a visual would get me in gear to get out of debt. And it seriously worked. Now, I think this blog is more about sharing my story. I am, obviously, not a financial adviser but hopefully seeing that a normal person can get on track will help someone else realize they can do it too.

Andrea from So Over Debt talks about 35 things her 13 year old son will never experience.
I should not have to tell you to read this post, you should just already be reading it. Andrea is hilarious, smart and one day if we're lucky she'll take over the world. Go! Read her blog.

Retire By 40 has his first three month report on being a landlord.
I love this! I may be one of the faint of heart though. It does sound like a scary venture but long term obviously this is going to be a wonderful stream of income. I hope to get a stronger heart someday.

The Happy Homeowner has a mission: Operation Give Back!
This is truly an inspiring endeavor. I have been inspired to give back too. I donated to Love Drop this month and bought some items for the Toys for Tots program. Later in the month, we will be participating in a food drive and I am also planning on buying someone's groceries (Still trying to figure out the logistics of that though, because I would like to do it anonymously. Any tips HH?) The one I am most excited about is the anonymous $100 we gave to a family in need, they bought new shoes.

Mike and Molly introduce us to Tiny the Goat.
M&M, Can I please come visit you? I know this is forward and not proper etiquette but I would love to hang out with you guys.

Jana from The Daily Money Shot has tips for managing December birthdays.
As a December birthday myself I think this is a fantastic post. December birthdays are birthdays too!

Red is graduating! Here's some things she won't miss about college.
Congratulations Red!

First Gen American thinks some materialism is good for you.
I agree. I think having pride in your possessions and keeping them well cared for is a good thing.

Laura is truly inspiring, she is one of those people that sets a goal and you know she means business. Now, she is talking about Mortgage Freedom,. She's a rock star and I am pretty sure that mortgage should be shakin' in it's boots.

Cassie at Digging Out and Up is a gal after my own heart. Her budget relaxes her. I think this is the first sign of personal finance nerdom. Other signs include staying up until the wee hours of the morning reading PF blogs, knowing exactly how much is in your bank account and finding it unbelievably hard not to crack a smile when the Jonses start talking their smack.

All right guys, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We're making Christmas cookies. I'll share pictures soon.