A Pinterest Challenge

Those crazy Petersiks over at Young House Love are doing another Pinterest Challenge and I am almost always up for a challenge.

I have been wanting to make these bookmarks for some time now.
Now I had the motivation to actually try it.

I thought they would make perfect teacher gifts. After I made a couple I decided they would make perfect gifts for anybody.

What I needed to make them (I've made six so far and could easily make six more):
Polymer Clay (I got 4 small packs for $5)
Acrylic Paints in different colors (You can find these from $1-$3)
Thin Balsa Wood (Found this for $1 at a craft store)
Really crude concept of sculpting

Here's how mine turned out.

I have even made a different variation. They aren't completed yet, they're still drying. Super sexy bookmark legs!

I have even made some with rain boots but I haven't gotten around to painting them yet. I want to make them look like Coraline, for my Coraline lovers at home.

As if we needed another reason to love Pinterest, right?

What are some of the homemade gifts you guys are making this year? I have few other things I am wanting to make. I am hoping to get that finished by the end of November.