More Fun with Keywords!

I apologize for the lack of meal plan this week. I am using the I was sick excuse but I thought I would share in some more keyword fun to make up for it. Enjoy!
is ice cream a cheap date
I prefer the term frugal, but yes.

hi-res flying monkey
Because low-res would be ridiculous.

flying monkey bike ride
Sounds like fun.

sexy female flying monkeys
You do one post about the Wizard of Oz and it's all flying monkey this and flying monkey that.

late for work and the road closed

can a grow a delicious monster from a leaf cutting
Are we trying to recreate Audrey II?

coctel cucumber cule
Wha? I even Googled it. Still have no clue.

but they bought those videos
Good argument.

yeah, right who am I kidding
No one, obviously

thorty costumes
Boy, I’m stumped. Thirty? Thrifty?

things you learn in a terrarium
Curious minds want to know because I was unaware that there were things to learn inside of one.