It's What's For Dinner: The I'm Not Cooking Edition

Okay, it may not look like the best dessert ever
but don't let that fool you!
Clam Chowder

Garden Couscous

{out of town}

{out of town}

{out of town}

{out of town}

{out of town}

Spotlight Recipe
I love tiramisu but I have never made it. Until now and I will probably make it a lot. It's so good.

Okay, on a whole other note, it's shameless "please vote for me time." (my entry is second from the bottom, Ignorance is not an Excuse) I entered ImpulseSave's Turkey Talks Contest to become a staff writer and win $500! Well, earn $500 but that's even more exciting! My submission was about my money woes and why I am thankful to have finally turned our financial ignorance into knowledge.

And since my menu plan is mostly lacking this week,would you like to leave a comment about when you decided to change your financial life. Was it a big "oh, crap" moment or did you just wake up one day and say to yourself something has to change?

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