In My Shopping Cart

I love when blogger's share their grocery shopping hauls. So I thought I would share mine too. Even if I feel a little silly laying out the groceries to be photographed. :)

Ever since we have moved to one or two nights of meat dinners our grocery bill has gone down drastically. I was easily spending $150-$190 a week on groceries. Now I am averaging about $100 a week. And in all seriousness I have not missed eating meat every night a bit. I love legumes and luckily so does my family.

This week's bill came to $95.37. I didn't use any coupons either. I also didn't need to buy a lot of things like pasta or chicken because I already had some at home. Shopping from the pantry is free fun!

The two things that cost the most, besides the beef for our stew, was the brie ($4.68) and the cranberry orange sugared bread ($5.00 I know, that's a lot but it looked so good). But I don't mind paying just a little more for fancy fat snacks, as The Sailor calls them. I think these little indulgences keep us sane.

I am also making some homemade muesli for breakfasts and can't wait to make some more caramel sauce for those apples. Oh, I also bought whole popcorn kernels. I have never made popcorn that you don't put in a microwave so I thought I would try this out. If I can do this without injury, it will be much cheaper than the microwaveable bags.

I know the rising price of groceries is being seen everywhere. Have any of you made changes to save on groceries?