DIY Friday: Cleaning Out My Closet

It's DIY Friday with Minting Nickels time again. Geesh, didn't October just fly by?

This really isn't the most exciting of DIYs to tackle but it has to be done. It didn't just need cleaning, it needed painting too.

We live in a really old house. It's over one hundred years old. I couldn't even tell you the last time this was painted. It's not just my closet, it's practically every closet in the house. They all have this really creepy pink paint. It has to go. I would really like to get them all painted this month and I started with my closet.
Feel free to mock my messy closet. I hope I made your day a little better. I have to blame this messiness on the fact that I truly hated that closet. The pink walls made me want to scream and the beige woodwork hurt my eyes. I avoided that closet at all costs and it shows.

Now I think I would sleep in there if I could.

I made three piles when cleaning out my closet. Keep, Sell, Donate. I made my best effort to get rid of things I haven't worn in at least six months. I have a huge pile to donate and a good sized pile to take to the consignment shop. I threw away a lot of stuff too.

This project was free. I had all the supplies at home. I might even make money off it from selling my clothes.

My inspiration came from Sharon from Musings of a Midlife Mom. She has been having Declutter Mondays and by Jules at Pancakes and French Fries who completed 31 Days of William Morris. They both were inspired by a William Morris quote.

Now that I have the inspiration, I am taking some action. I hope to get all the pink closets obliterated this month. This month I am going to stretch out DIY Friday. I will clean, declutter and paint the last three pink closets in our home. These are the Sailor's closet, the linen closet and the downstairs closet.

Have you guys been putting stuff off like I was? Or have you been bitten by William Morris too?