Dang, It's Cold and Links

I am a Southern girl at heart. I love winters that only require a long sleeve shirt or a sweater. I love weather that doesn't require me to change my footwear. I don't think I even owned a pair of gloves when I was younger.

This all brings me to my point that I really hate miserable winters and snow. Sure, snow is pretty but it really is not fun to live in. And it's only begun here. There's snow on the ground and I probably won't see grass until March or April. It's quite a depressing thought.

We are set to move sometime next year and I dream of Hawaii's beaches or Georgia's hot summers. I wouldn't even mind Washington again because it truly is the most beautiful place I ever lived and I think we only got one half inch of snow the whole three years we lived there.

So I keep this thought with me, that this is the last Game of Thrones-esque winter I will have to endure for a while.  Hopefully that will keep me going now that winter is coming.

On to the links.....

Lindy has been just knocking it out of the park lately. She tells us about the other kind of creep and she compares her twenties to everyone's favorite grade, the seventh grade.

MomVesting writes of financial mistakes and buying a money pit. I do love that movie!

Jana has a dream she wants to make reality. Do you know Jason Segel? Could you introduce her us?

Carrie wants to know if Santa is making our kids spoiled. I think it's the parents.

Hunter from Financially Consumed want you to write it down! Writing it down has always been the first step to my follow through.

I love a great Babci story. Did you know she doesn't use measuring cups?

Oh, and don't forget I am doing a wicked giveaway.

That's all she wrote. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!