Christmas Wrap Challenge: Finding Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

Alrighty, as many of you guys already know I love a challenge and what would Christmas be without a challenge. Well... it would probably be the same since Christmas and my challenges are not ubiquitous. But I am doing a challenge none the less.

The challenge I am giving myself is to buy no new wrapping paper. We will not make it through this year's gifts with the supply we have. There will also be no buying of bows, tags or ribbon. We are using anything we already have in the craft store I call my home. With some planning and care I can make our presents look gorgeous without the price tag or being wasteful. This challenge is more about lessening our waste than saving a few bucks. Almost every year we fill trash bags full of Christmas paper and this year I am really trying not to experience that.

So far, the bulk of my presents have been wrapped in paper bags from the grocery store. I was pleasantly surprised by how much a few bags would wrap. I have also been using fabric to wrap the presents; using the furoshiki method and using it as if it were traditional wrapping paper. Since brown paper packages and fabric covered boxes are not the most beautiful or exciting for Christmas morning, I have been adding fun embellishments to make our presents more lively.

{stamped gifts} {dictionary wrapping paper} {brown paper packages tied up with string}

These are not all the presents, but I do have most everything wrapped. Just a couple more to get done. I am so excited to have the bulk of our presents wrapped. I almost always wait until Christmas Eve and get myself in total panic mode and making midnight runs to the store for tape or more wrapping paper. Driving through ice and snow promising myself, "I won't procrastinate next year," but every year I turn out to be a lying liar. Not this year! It was nice to take my time and really take care in the wrapping.

I did use the last bit of wrapping paper and for the really large item {that thing I've wanted since January} I used a large Christmas gift bag that is coming up on its fourth or fifth Christmas. It's still in pretty good shape, it probably has a few more years to go. Most of the other items I used were pretty common like yarn, twine and fabric. I think the most uncommon thing I used was a gift tag punch, but those can be easily cut out.

Well, that's a peek into our alternative wrapping paper. Are guys looking for ways to cut down on waste this year?