The Best Things In Life

The Best Things In Life is a weekly series where I share my favorite free thing of the week and you can share in yours too. I talk about enjoying life and savoring those moments a lot here at Debt Free by Thirty. It may sound a little sap-tastic but I am looking forward to taking the time and reflecting on my favorite "free" moments.
Last week we reconstituted game night. This really was a regular thing in our house but when school started so did the subsequent craziness that made me and everyone else forget all about it. 
I love playing board games and have a fairly competitive streak. My family is competitive too. It makes for a good time when we all want to win. We played Monopoly Deal. It's a quick card version of Monopoly. We only play the real Monopoly about once a year. Since it takes four hours to play and by the end I've lost my will to live. I start just giving properties away just so someone, anyone can win. 
Has anyone seen this? A Princess Bride Monopoly! I'd play that for six hours! Unfortunately, it's not real. But I think with a Goodwill Monopoly and some creativity I might try and fashion something. 
What are some of your favorite board games? Wait, maybe you shouldn't tell me I have a little bit of a board game addiction. Okay, go ahead and tell me.