Best Things in Life

The Best Things In Life is a new-ish weekly series where I share my favorite free thing of the week and you can share in yours too. I talk about enjoying life and savoring those moments a lot here at Debt Free by Thirty. It may sound a little sap-tastic but I am looking forward to taking the time and reflecting on my favorite "free" moments.

This week went by too fast. My request for time to slow down has been denied. I guess I'll just have to go with the flow and enjoy this crazy ride we call November and December.

I was really busy organizing this week. And I loved every minute of it. Is that weird?

I am finally going to admit it. I'm messy. I am a completely disorganized person. This used to be okay because I had some organized chaos theory in my head. I knew where that important piece of paper was even if it wasn't where it should be. I knew that one sewing needle was not with the others. It was in the living room end table drawer because that is where I last used it. 

Lately organized chaos has turned into regular chaos.

It doesn't help that I am also realizing I am a closet hoarder. Both in the fact that I thought I wasn't a hoarder at all, I hid it really well from even myself and the fact that my hoarding comes in the shape of closets. I have too much in the places that can be hidden like closets, drawers and attics. We even have two attics; one in the house and one over the garage. We hardly ever go in either one, except I went this week. It's not pretty.

So, my favorite free thing this week is denial erm, I mean organizing. Old me would have immediately rushed out for metal shelves and plastic bins to "organize" which would have meant keeping crap I don't use. New and slightly improved me is purging. Throwing away, donating and even repurposing. I found some old sheets I am currently turning into drawstring bags of all different sizes. Drawstring bags are very versatile.

I even have a box for yard sale adventures. It's too late in the season for a yard sale in my neck of the woods, but I am getting one ready. Our last yard sale brought in over $400 and that was thrown together almost last minute. Come the warm weather I'll be ready. 

I am not completely done with the organizing but so far it hasn't cost a cent but the peace of mind is priceless. 

Have you guys been purging or organizing too? Do you feel better?

Now it's your turn to participate in The Best Things In Life.

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