2011 Goals Update: I Own You, Goals!

Financial Goals

1. Get out of credit card debt. 
This has been completed for a couple months now. We are focusing on our emergency savings, which is now over $5000 

2. Track coupon savings. 
Coupons? What are those? Obviously not doing so well with this one. 
I seriously give up!

3. Save $1200 for Christmas. 
$1200 saved! Completed and the Christmas shopping has begun and is 99% completed!

4. Save $600 for 30,000 mile maintenance. 
$600 saved. Whoop! Done-zo! We are going to keep adding to this. We will be buying a needed second car within the year.

5. Save for a new washer and dryer.  
We have enough in the emergency fund. We are just waiting for their eventual turn to worthlessness. 

6. Make some extra cash
Made over $1,000 from Etsy sales and blogging. My blogging income slowed down a bit but my Etsy sales picked up the slack this month. 

Personal Goals

1. Read at least 20 books. 
I have already reached this goal but I read one book this month. I started reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I loved it. Can't wait to get my hands on the next one.

2. Complete 4 home improvement projects.

So, I actually did a lot this month. I fixed some cabinet doors, painted some closets, painted and hung the French doors for the living room. That makes this goal completed too!
3. Grow an herb vegetable garden. 
Well, I think the gardening season is officially over.

4. Be nice to the sailor.
I was really nice, with Christmas shopping!

5. Blog at least 15 posts a month.
Owned it!

My mini goal for the month of November was to finish all handmade gifts and I also accomplished this. It's been a really busy month. We still have Christmas cookies to make for the neighbors but that is part of our December tradition.

So I am really happy with where I am at with my goals this year. I am also really excited to show my 2012 goals. That should be coming up soon.