Truly Lazy Ways to Save Money

New Goal: Be more cat-like. They are
really really okay with being lazy.
Maybe it's my lethargy talkin' but I am really considering some of these lazy (and quite possibly shameful) ways to save money.

Automate savings
This is probably the most productive way to be lazy and financially savvy. If I automate everything with savings accounts I don't have to worry about late payments, content insurance or buying stamps. I can just be lazy.

Laying on the couch all day watching TV/sleeping
Forget about the activities of the great outdoors. Yeah they can be cheap, but they're the opposite of laying on my couch.

Eat peanut butter and jelly all week
Grocery shopping is for go-getters. And with this one you could prepare a whole slew of meals in one fell swoop. Being prepared while being lazy = Win!

Just say no
No to dinner with friends. No to going to see a movie with the family. No to any activity that would frown upon wearing sweatpants.

In all honesty, I have done all of these things (the pb and j was only for one, okay, maybe two dinners) Sometimes saving money doesn't require a ton of work and lets you wear sweatpants.

What are the laziest ways you have saved money?