Time, Please Stop Going So Quickly & Links

I just realized this week we are going into the last months of the year. Those months that just fly by and you don't quite remember what just happened. I am going to try and do the impossible and not let the end of year whirlwind sweep me up.

I am mostly trying to slow down time because come January The Sailor will be shipping off to two different schools. I probably won't see him for about five or six months.

Basically, I want to just soak in the time we do have with him. There are a few things I want to accomplish:

  • I need to stop calling him 'jerkface'. It's a really lousy term of endearment I have for him, I'm not saying it when I'm mad at him, it has become like 'honey' or 'babe'. Which are two things I have never called my husband. Working on new lovey dovey name that isn't too lovey dovey.
  • Save up enough money to pay for our weekend getaway in cash. I'm halfway there.
  • Finish up watching Fringe. We just started watching it from the beginning. We have a ways to go but I would like to finish before he leaves. I don't want to watch it without him and he better not watch it without me!

Okay, on to the links...

Travis over at Enemy of Debt has a great teaching moment with his daughter. Never too young for fun finance!

Captain Sweatpants makes me do a hyena laugh as he tells the story of how the universe punished him for using his credit card. That'll teach you!

Minting Nickels is calling all superheroes. Don't pass up your opportunity to teach us all how to make more moolah!

Is it wrong for a waitress to add her own tip if you leave your receipt blank? There's an interesting discussion going on in the comment section of Give Me Back My Five Bucks.

Crystal has her own tipping question at Budgeting The Fun Stuff.

Jana from Daily Money Shot wonders, money or mental health?  I won't spoil it for you.

That's it for today folks.

I'll be back tomorrow with The Best Things in Life series, drop on by if you want to participate. (that's my subtle way of saying, "Please, please, please participate." No pressure though,)