The Things I Didn't Buy This Week & Links

Disposable Razors
I hate buying disposable razors for The Sailor, but they are a necessary evil. But this week I didn't have to because I won the most random and awesome giveaway from Newlyweds on a Budget. Thank you Erika! I also heard about this nifty little trick to prolong the life of your razors. Might have to try this.

I also don't have to buy shampoo and toothpaste for a while either. Yay for giveaways.

Glass Cleaner
I was all out and really did not feel like running to the store to buy more. I was lazy. I have been wanting to make my own glass cleaner a while. Not so much for saving money but for a healthier and environmentally friendly product. I found a battle of the recipes and tried the winner. Worked great and I just made it with common household items.

iPhone 4s
It's not that I wouldn't want one. I really don't need one. I really wish I needed one.

Okay, on to the links...

Mike and Molly are doing a giveaway of the food variety. This is the best kind, in my honest opinion. Go check it out for your chance to win New Mexico red chili and have it mailed to your door.

I love odes. Red has one for SunTrust.  I also usually heed warnings. Bruce Bucks puts one out there for Chase.

Better Me, Better World has proof that one person can make a difference.

Make Love, Not Debt is so happy working for the man.

Laura from Move to Portugal is doing a giveaway for all those who dream of travel. Check it out!

Financially Consumed has 4 steps for passing the DIY test. Might be useful if you are considering tackling a home project.

We are off to the last soccer game of the season. I'm a little sad but with our weather already getting cold and dreary I suppose it is time. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Yes, fabulous.