Inspired by Beatrix Potter

Recently, I watched Miss Potter. It's about the life of beloved artist and author Beatrix Potter. I have always adored her work and have quite a few of those lovely little books throughout our house.

I had never really thought about Beatrix Potter's personal life but it is pretty interesting. I mean they did make a movie about it. As I read more about her as a person, I realized she how amazing she truly was.

Although Potter was born into a wealthy family, she was quite a savvy businesswoman. In the early 1900's, this was no small feat.

Before privately publishing her own book, she used her talent as an artist to make and sell Christmas cards. She also sold many of her illustrations for other authors. After the prosperity of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Potter had the idea to patent a Peter Rabbit doll that was also very successful. This lead to even more merchandising of the Potter stories.

I just have to admire someone with so much talent and the goods to back it up.

Later in Beatrix Potter's life, she becomes a farmer and conservationist. She enjoyed her simple life doing what it is she loves, everyday. I just find her whole-heartily inspiring. With her works of art and the way she lived her life.