October 29, 2011

A Haunted House Fake Out and Links

My kids would have totally gone into a
Pac-Man haunted house, I think.
Last night we took our children to go see a haunted house that was put together by our local student union. I was so excited. I love haunted houses.

As we were about to get our scare on, one by one, all three of my children decided they were not going in. The look on their faces said there was going to be no talking them into it. Not. A. Chance.

Strange how they were chomping at the bit to get there. And once there, they realized how much they wanted to go home. They probably have never wanted to go home so bad in their life.

Everything worked out though. We came home and watched The Addams Family. It was an anti-terrifying and fully wonderful night.

Okay, on to the links...

Debt Princess wants to know. What Halloween costume are your finances dressed up as?

Wealth Informatics has a creative take on a famous nursery rhyme with this little piggy wants to retire.

Everyday Tips and Thoughts reflects on Halloween past and present.

Lindy freaks us all out a bit with a spooky story about her attic.

Jana from The Daily Money Shot wants your idiots. You know you have some. Go. Share.

Accountant By Day wonders how much money is enough?

Ashley wants you to get your spouse involved in your finances and I concur!

P.S. Have you seen all the spookified awesomeness you can create over at Picnik? There are all sorts of ways to creepify you photos and it's free! I have to say my favorite is the ghost. 

In no way was I paid by Picnik for this plug. They are just that cool.