Frugal and Fast: Last Minute Halloween Costumes

I wasn't going to dress up for Halloween this year.

Then The Sailor was given a Beetlejuice costume for the night. Now I will probably wear something but I don't have much time to prepare. I did find quite a few ideas that are not too pricey and can be made fairly quickly.

What you'll need:
Longer hair (find a hair tutorial)
Plastic snakes (dollar store find)
A white sheet (no sew goddess dress)
Green eye shadow
Gold ribbon or cord for belted waist
Variations: Athena or Poseidon (you can make a trident with a broomstick, cardboard and duct tape)

What you'll need:
Black and white stripped or solid black shirt
Black pants/skirt
No sew bandit mask or pantyhose
Sack or pillowcase with dollar sign drawn on
Penchant for robbing people/banks

Variations: Mime (you'll need a beret, suspenders and white gloves)
Rosie the Riveter
What you'll need:
Red bandanna 
Hair tutorial
Make up tutorial
Dark blue or denim shirt
Dark jeans
Serious "kick ass" attitude

Bonus: Make a "We can do it" sign

Clark Kent
What you'll need:
A superman shirt or print out the emblem and attach to a blue shirt
A suit and tie (maybe some kind of wiring to make the tie look wind blown)
Nerdy glasses (dollar store find)
X-ray vision

The Son of Man
What you'll need:
A bowler hat
White dress shirt 
Red tie
Black jacket
Printout of a green apple
To know how to pronounce RenĂ© Magritte 
Variations: Winston Churchill (need a bow tie and a cigar)

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