Extra Income and Oh Man, I've Been Slackin' On These

This really has nothing to do with this post
I just really like it.
I haven't done an extra income post in two month. Whoops.

Part of my 2011 goals was to bring in some extra income to pay off our debt. Now that we are consumer debt free we have been funneling all extra income to our emergency fund. We are currently working on an eight month emergency fund, as of now we are just over 15% of our goal. I am under no delusion that this is going to be easy, it's going take some time.

Ebay Sales $35.09
Etsy Sales $165.00
Blogging  $962.95

TOTAL $1163.04

The Ebay sales are from some old cub scout and Harry Potter costumes we sold. I have been slacking on my Ebay selling, but I have cleaning out some stuff I may sell soon. I have been going back and forth about having a yard sale. It's too late this year but I could try for next year. Then the big question is before or after we move, if we even move. (Military life has us up in the air right now) But if we move I am voting for after, for the yard sale.

My Etsy store is moving along at a steady pace. I've had better months with Etsy but I am thankful for any sales. I do think they will pick up in November and December given shopping season has arrived. We'll see.

Alrighty, the blogging income. All I can say is wow. I really have to thank Crystal from Budgeting the Fun Stuff. She has done an ah-mazing job being an advertising liaison. Thank you Crystal!

To say I am happy about our extra income is an understatement. I've been dancing in the streets and on the ceiling, I'm so excited. But I really want to say thank you to YOU! This would not be remotely possible without you. Thank you for reading and joining me on our journey to financial independence. I really appreciate your comments and encouragement. Thank you!