Costume Challenge: Regenerating The Doctor

This Eleventh Doctor Who costume was by far the most difficult but I love how it turned out. We are huge Doctor Who fans, last year my husband was the Tenth Doctor, so it's fun to see our son follow in The Sailor and The Doctor's footsteps.

The Jacket
I didn't think it was possible but I actually found a Harris Tweed jacket at our Goodwill. But I did unspeakable things to it in order to make it fit our son a little better. While working on this it looked like a Harris Tweed massacre in our dining room. The jacket is no where near perfect but it'll do. I wanted to give up on this costume halfway through but I kept truckin'. Too bad child sized tweed jackets are about $100.00 or I would have bought one.

Bow Ties, Suspenders and Fezzes are cool! 
The bow tie and suspenders I bought from Ebay. I was going to make a bow tie but the jacket took up a lot of time and by the time I remembered it was ust easier to order one from Ebay. I did make a fez from an old oatmeal canister and left over fabric from the gnome hat but I completely forgot about it when we did pictures.

The Sonic Screwdriver
My son has had this since his birthday at the beginning of the summer. It lights up and sounds just like The Doctor's. I have never wanted to break something so bad in my life. But it has made it to this date and time. I was a little happy/worried when it stopped working a couple days ago. I thought the batteries had died but alas sonic screwdrivers can regenerate too.

Comparin' and Savin'
Makin' It Ourselves
Harris Tweed jacket $2.49 (It must have been my lucky day. It was a 50% off business attire day)
Suspenders $8.00 (I feel like I could have found these cheaper but I looked and looked. This was it)
Bow tie $4.99
Button up Shirt $2.50 (Another Goodwill find. This could be worn again as regular clothing)
Fez $FREE (Made from materials around the house)
Sonic screwdriver $FREE (Already owned)

TOTAL $17.98

Buyin' it at a store
Tweed Jacket $97
Fez $10

TOTAL $107

Total savings of $89.02!