Costume Challenge: Becoming Professor McGonagall

Professor McGonagall Costume

Yay! I have finished the first of our three Halloween costumes.  It's funny because I thought this costume was going to be the hardest out of the three. It ended up being pretty simple though.

The Robe
I got the fabric for 30% off. So, that was fabulous. 
I also found this uber easy pattern for a Jedi robe.

The Hat
I found a simple witch hat at a dollar store. It was already wired perfectly to make it a little slouchy.
The peacock feathers are not true to the McGonagall look but I couldn't find one that looked exactly alike and my Professor McGonagall really really wanted them. I just glued the feather on with a hot glue gun. Hot glue guns make miracles happen.

The Wand
This is the thing I am most impressed with. The wand was made with paper and hot glue. Here's the amazing tutorial. This is further proof of the hot glue gun's awesomeness. 

Compare and Save
 Makin' it ourselves 
Green fabric for cloak $8.00
Black velour dress $FREE (from a friend)
Black tights and shoes $FREE (already own)
Witch hat $4.50 ($1.50 for feather, $3 for hat )
Wand $2.50 (for craft paint)

TOTAL $15 Yipee!

 If I had store bought....
I am only counting the stuff we made
Cloak $24.25
Hat $16.30
Wand $39.95

TOTAL $80.50    Wowza!

Of course, if we had gone with the store bought stuff we would have one amazing Professor McGonagall but unless my daughter wants to be Professor McGonagall for the rest of her natural born life, our homemade costume is definitely a great substitute.

I also wanted to share that I found what would be the most perfect pair of shoes for this ensemble at Goodwill. They were green suede heels with a square toe and a bow. They were also only $3 and looked just about the right size for my daughter's gigantic feet. I almost bought them too.

Then I realized...

My ten year old daughter most likely can not walk those Trick o' Treatin' miles in heels.