The Best Things In Life

The Best Things In Life is a new-ish weekly series where I share my favorite free thing of the week and you can share in yours too. I talk about enjoying life and savoring those moments a lot here at Debt Free by Thirty. It may sound a little sap-tastic but I am looking forward to taking the time and reflecting on my favorite "free" moments.
Despite our children's refusal to enter a haunted house we still had a very spooky weekend. 

This week we received the free gift that keeps on giving, a night without children. I don't know how we stumbled upon this sleep away trifecta but all three of my children were at a friend's house on Saturday night. Free babysitting! 

The Sailor and I don't get many free nights out. Both of our families live pretty far away so we don't have a backup grandma and grandpa babysitting service. Now that I think about it, we haven't gone out in quite a while. Our regular trusted and reasonably priced babysitter went off to college this summer.  

When you have three children, or probably any children for that matter, when they aren't in the house at night it feels a little weird. A quiet house, although appreciated, does creep me out, just a tiny bit. So naturally, we went out. 

Even though this wasn't entirely free, we did go to see the haunted house. It was 10x better than I thought it would be. I am very glad the kids decided not to go. It was scary and I am 100% positive one of them would have cried maybe even two of them. On top of that we probably would have had three kids who refuse to sleep with the light off, while in our bed. Crisis adverted.

After the haunted house we went to a costume party. The Sailor was Beetlejuice and I actually did make a Medusa costume from a white sheet and leftover fabric from the Professor McGonagall costume. I was really happy with how it turned out. I should have pictures soon.
Although our night was not particularly free, we would have never gotten to hang out with just us without being given the free opportunity. Sometimes you have to take those times and run with it.

Now it's your turn to participate in The Best Things In Life.

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