The Best Things In Life

The Best Things In Life is a new-ish weekly series where I share my favorite free thing of the week and you can share in yours too. I talk about enjoying life and savoring those moments a lot here at Debt Free by Thirty. It may sound a little sap-tastic but I am looking forward to taking the time and reflecting on my favorite "free" moments.

This week on The Best Things In Life, we had a great free moment to be happy about. The Sailor officially reenlisted in US Navy this week. 
It's definitely a what-a-relief moment for us. 
At the beginning of this year, we were warned that The Sailor may have some trouble reenlisting when it came time. This is because his particular job in the Navy is overmanned. Needless to say, there were many hoops that he had to jump through in order to stay a sailor. He jumped them. But it was a very scary time for us. It didn't help that this uncertain time was stretched out for about six months. It was at best stressful and at worst vomit inducing.

This week's ceremony not only put an official end to that dread but this is also The Sailor's last reenlistment before he retires in six years. Reenlistments are not normally a huge deal but with the emotion behind this one and the fact that it will be the last, we considered it special. 

We took the kids out of school early so they could also witness their dad pledging to serve his country. It was a short and to the point event, just the way I like them. 

This week I have been reminded to be thankful for The Sailor's employment. I used to take it for granted but now I know just how lucky we are to have a job during these uncertain times.

Now it's your turn to participate in The Best Things In Life.

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