Wait, Wasn't It Just January?

I can not believe October is just around the corner. It just doesn't seem possible.

Although, I am glad it is this time of year. Autumn is my favorite. The colors, the weather and most importantly sweaters.

October will be my get back on track month. I have to. I am willing it so.

September was a tad spendy. Okay a little more than a tad. But we still don't have credit card debt, we just didn't put as much into our savings as we could have. I really thought saving would be as much fun as paying off debt. It's not.

I don't know if it's the actual saving over debt paying or the fact that I feel a bit burnt out that's got me not feelin' it lately, but I know I need to get it back.

Remembering back to January when budgeting and paying off debt were the cat's meow. I want that feeling back, but maybe that is what Januaries are for. Revitalizing yourself. Vigor. Knowing that no one can get in the way of your goals. Unstoppable.

I shouldn't be so surprised. Maintaining a focus level that intense is not sustainable. It's just that now I am feeling the side effects of it. My blahness towards budgets. Then again, I can't have budgets, savings and money on my mind all the time. What's that thing we're all striving for? Oh yeah, balance.

Maybe that's why September is for sweaters.