Oh, My Cracked Tomato!

This is the new curse word phrase? at my house.

Just look at the sadness

There were more but they were so far gone they went straight from vine to compost.

Sad days.

I have waited so long for these tomatoes. I dream of bruschetta, salsa and spaghetti sauce and all I have so far is next year's garden dirt.

That's okay. Google will come to the rescue. {Google-ing 'why the hell are my tomatoes cracked?'}

Apparently, a heavy rain will cause cracks in tomatoes. We have had quite a bit of heavy rain lately.

Dang it, and my ability to control the weather has been on the fritz ever since Kronos the Titan Lord try to overthrow the Olympians. (Sorry, I have Greek mythology on the brain. Thanks to daughters' new obsession and Percy Jackson.)

Never fear. Google did arrive at a solution to my problem. Pick 'em when they're green. I am sure vine-ripened is best, but windowsill-ripened tomatoes are better than no tomatoes.

I picked a few light green tomatoes. Leave the newer, darker tomatoes on the vine. They will rot before they ripen. Google said so. I also set them on the window sill to do their thing.

Now, it's yet another waiting game.

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