Net Worth: September Update

It's that time again. Time for our quarterly net worth update. To keep track of our net worth I use NetworthIQ.

Increases all around! Even the car value went up for some reason. Okay.. I know some don't agree with the decision to add the value of a car, but it's my decision. So, neener, neener! 

I mostly keep it in the mix because I don't think our net worth can take a major blow like that. It's fragile

In my last net worth update, I wrote about my apprehension to start tracking our net worth but I have to say I now look forward to checking in on our money situation every couple of months. It's not really about the number as much as it is about knowing we are headed in the right direction.  And without trying to sound too cocky, I would say we're definitely headed in the right direction. Our very first net worth this year was $22,600. We will be close to doubling it by the end of this year. I know that isn't too difficult given how low it was/is but it is progress all the same.

I know a lot of PF bloggers are tracking their net worth. Have you finally made the leap to do it too?

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