My McMansion Myth

Five years ago, when we were saving to buy our first home, I often looked at houses similar to these...

Nice, right?

I would dream about winning the lottery and actually being able to afford a house like this. With 4,000+ square feet, a wine cellar and more rooms than I would know what to do with. Wouldn't it be wonderful?

When we purchased our modest 2,000 square foot home a few years later, a house we could actually afford, I did have a a teeny tiny bit of sadness that our house didn't look like the ones above. Please don't misunderstand, I love our home (probably a little more than any one person should). But I had that big house dream in my head and I knew it wouldn't become a reality. At least not anytime soon.

Over the past year, I have been contemplating our future plans. And a funny thing happened. I really don't want a huge home anymore. Mo' house, mo' problems.

Never mind for a second the ridiculous cost of having such a large home. The two thousand sq. ft. home I have now is more than enough room for our family. Cleaning and maintaining our home is no simple task. Could you imagine four thousand square feet? No thank you. You can keep you wine cellar, McMansion. I don't even drink... that much. All my wine can fit nicely in my kitchen. And why do I need more rooms than I know what to do with? Answer: I don't need more rooms than I know what to do with. That's silly.

Now, I find myself daydreaming of sweet little cottages and tiny craftsmen style homes. I could clean the whole house in an hour, including all the windows. Heating and cooling expenses would be a fraction of what we pay now and we would have less stuff. Less stuff to worry about, less stuff to maintain. Sounds wonderful!

These houses are now my dream homes.

I guess I'm not the only one..