My Grandparents, My Frugal Idols

This coming Sunday is Grandparents' Day.

My grandparents are amazing. So are my children's grandparents. But this holiday has got me thinking about all the wonderful and frugal things they did when I was growing up.

-Raised farm animals
My grandparents lived on a recreational farm. They didn't farm for a living, it was mostly a hobby. But they never bought eggs and come to think of it, almost no one in our family bought eggs either. There was always plenty.

They even had a few cows and pigs they raised for meat and they did this while having day jobs. Blows my mind.

-Never ever threw food away
It always had a place to go before the trash. Either it was being used for leftovers, to feed the chickens or compost, but it never went into the trash can.

This could also be applied to canned goods too. My grandmother always made sure every last corn kernel was out of the can.

-Lovin' the clothesline
The clothesline was just a part of doing the laundry. With the weather permitting, of course.

-Rarely went out to eat
I do remember eating at a really fun pizza parlor, but for the most part we ate dinners at home. It does help that my grandparents farm/home was a good forty minute drive from a restaurant. That kind of takes away the convenience factor.

-Master of the DIY
In the time before Google and YouTube, my grandparents still were Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It Gurus.

-Played board games for entertainment
If we weren't playing outside, reading or watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off, then we were playing board games. This is where I learned that I am fiercely competitive and a wee bit of a sore loser. Just a tiny bit.

I have a feeling all of our grandparents were frugal mavens. Please share some of your Gramama's and Grampapa's frugal tendencies.