I'm Talikn' 'Bout Links & A Plutus Nomination

Plutus Award FinalistIt has been a fantastic week at our household. We had the kids go back to school, family visiting and the sailor had the week off of work. We did nothing but relax and it was great!

This blogger also received some amazingly shocking news. Debt Free By Thirty has been nominated for a Plutus Award. I've been nominated in the best debt blog category. To say that I am honored really is an understatement, shocked and floored come to mind though.

You can check out the finalist here. And vote for your fave bloggers here. Remember to only vote once.

On to the links...

Ashley from Money Talks goes on the cheapest date ever. This is such a cute and frugal idea.

BrokeTO is 100 posts old. You should check out her fun one hundred round up.

Laura at Move to Portugal is just too inspiring when it comes to wiping out her mortgage.

Financially Consumed tells us to go our own way and profit. Now I am in the mood for Fleetwood Mac.

Paula at Afford Anything tells us 5 easy ways to ruin you finances.

Girl With Red balloon asks a completely legitimate question about avoiding bank fees. Personally I try to avoid them at all costs.

Well, that's all she wrote folks. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!