Halloween Costume Challenge

I know what you are thinking, it is waaayyy too early for Halloween. I hear ya, but we are making our costumes and need to get busy looking and making. Last year we made homemade Halloween costumes and saved ourselves some money. The sailor and I are going sans costumes this year, but the kids have all picked out some pretty cool things to be this year.

Starting with the boy, he wants to be the Eleventh Doctor Who. This is starting to be a little bit of a tradition for our family. Last year, the Sailor was the Tenth Doctor. Our whole family is a little obsessed with all things Who.
This should be interesting, finding a Harris tweed jacket for a young boy. I think my best bet is going to be a thrift store. Even if I can't find the right size, I should be able to tailor one to fit. We also already have the 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver. It was a Christmas present last year. Can't wait for the bow tie.

Second up is our middle child. She really wants to be a gnome.
She doesn't want to be a girly gnome either, I guess male gnomes have all the fun. This will actually work to my advantage though, I am not sure I am up for making a whole gnome dress.

Lastly, the eldest child wants to be Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter.
This will probably be the most difficult. Making the robe will be a task, but it can be done.

Now it wouldn't be a challenge unless there was something difficult involved, right? So the cap on our Halloween funding is going to be $60. Last year, I failed the challenge, so this year it's personal.

Just kidding. Kinda.

I just don't want to spend a hundred dollars or more, which has been done in Halloweens of the past. With three kids it is easily done. So with a little preparation and forethought I plan to keep our Halloween budget under control..