DIY Friday: Paint It All Edition

Over at Minting Nickels, the first Friday of the month is DIY Friday. Lindy tells us what she did to hack her home and we share our projects too.

Well, I can't believe it's DIY Friday already. August went by so fast. But time flies when you are painting and having fun. Those two things go hand in hand. Fun and painting, right? Okay, maybe not. Even if it is nice when it's all done and over with.

This month I tackled the monstrosity that was our formal dining room. We use it more as a crafting/music room than an eating area. It's a nice room to have.

When we first moved into our house a couple years ago I became afflicted with "rainbow syndrome". Oh, you've never heard of that. It's when you first realize you can paint your house ANY color you want and maybe take it too far. You end up with a red dining room, never mind the fact you don't own any red accessories or decor. And come to think of it you don't really enjoy the red, but having a red room just sounded fun. At some point you come to your senses.

I think with the possibility of us moving fairly soon, it was a good idea to cure my affliction and neutralize the room.

So on to the before and afters. Don't judge too harshly my messy before's. Although, this pic could probably be considered more of a "during" photo.

The improvements done to this room were mostly painting and a little more painting.

  • Of course, I painted the walls. It's a couple shades lighter than the paint color we have in the living room, which is the adjoining room.
  • I spray painted the light fixture (I don't have a before pic) It used to have a shiny brass finish. I used a hammered metal spray paint.
  • I painted the tile around the fireplace. This was a hard decision to make, because who paints tile? But the tile was painted prior to moving in. I had taken a heat gun and had gotten some paint off, but the tile was really damaged. So painting it black seemed like the next logical step. :)

I made some personalized decor from maps. I just printed out the places we were all born and then put a piece of parchment paper with a heart shape cut out over it, kind of like part of a mat board. Voila! I ♥ maps. My Pretty Pennies just had the same idea this week.

The picture on the left is the gift the kids and I gave for Father's Day. I bought a larger frame to place it in. The one on the left is a close up of the map hearts.

I am really excited how everything turned out. It's neutral, but it has our own personality in it too. It will be hard to walk this line as we prepare our home for our impending moving date. I have no idea when it will be yet, but it is a coming.