Zero is Awesome and Links

Well, it's done. Our consumer debt is no more. Ahh relief.

Doing a happy dance

On to the links...

Lindy at Minting Nickels tells of here adventures down here at the pawn shop.

What motivates you to get out of debt? Laura from No More Spending tells us her biggest motivating factor.

Mom (or Dad), This is how Twitter works.

Bridget you are awesome. You always seem to be able to take what I am thinking and put it in a post. Especially with this one, Measuring yourself against... yourself?

Hunter at Financially Consumed has a great post about the proposed cut backs to the military pension.

I am absolutely becoming obsessed with Dear Photograph.

Melissa at BrokeTO is continuing her $100 grocery shopping challenge and telling us how.

If you are a My Half Dozen Daily reader and you can't find her, she's right here.

Well, I am off to look at the balance on our debt... zero is awesome.