A Year In Review & A Giveaway *CLOSED*

One year ago today I started Debt Free By Thirty. I gave myself the task of wiping out our debt and to start making better financial decisions. Best decision ever. This is just a stroll down memory lane, as I look over the growth both financially and with this blog.

 The Financial Stuff
Last year's debt

Today's debt
Last year's savings total 
(excludes retirement/investments)

Today's cash savings total 
Top 5 Things We Spent Money On in the Last Year
1. Mortgage $12,000
2. Groceries $6,864.59 (An average of $579 a month. Not too shabby)
3. Car Payment $5.040.00 <- Working on this next
4. Utilities $2,851.53
5. Dining Out $1,920.20 (About $160 a month, still needs improvement)

Compared to Sep.1st 2009-Aug.31st 2010 Here's where it gets crazy!
1. Mortgage $12,000
2. Groceries $9,556.23 What?!
3. Home Improvement $4,686.49
4. Dining Out $4,230.10  Just plain ol' stupidity
5. Home $4,095.34 More house stuff, What was I thinking?

Financial Goals for the next year
1. Build a kick-ass emergency fund.

The Blogging Stuff
I was a shy blogger to begin with, I read other PF blogs, but I rarely commented. I finally got over my commenting fear about two months into blogging. This would be my advice to any new bloggers: Comment!

My Very First Comment on Debt Free by Thirty
Hi Niki!Thank you for stopping by my blog! And you are right, it's hard to save money when you have no time!
A huge thank you to Sharon. You made my blogging day!

Top Ten Referring Sites 
Minting Nickels Happy Blogaversary to my twinsy Lindy too. Say Twinsy Lindy Too 3 times fast.

Total Posts 286 (whoa!)
Total Pageviews 56,456 (double whoa or whoa whoa, rather)
Total times Blogger made me want to throw my laptop out the window: 1 (remember that?)

Blogging Goals for the Next Year
1. Stick with it. 

And Finally the Stuff You've All Been Waiting For
The Blogoversarinoaway
I know the anticipation has been killing you. 

In celebration of one year of blogging I am giving away two books that are near and dear to me. The Millionaire Next Door and Your Money or Your Life. Now I know many bloggers and readers have read both of these books and for good reason, they're fantastic. They both had the power to change my perspective of two different facets of finance. 

So if you haven't read them here's your chance to win them. Or if you have read them, here's your chance to win gifts for friends or family. And if you are so inclined you could sell them for some cold hard cash, but that's up to you.

How to enter to win brand-new paperback copies of The Millionaire Next Door and Your Money or Your Life:

1. Leave a comment on a goal you hope to accomplish by this time next year. (1 Entry)
2. Subscribe or Follow Debt Free by Thirty or if you already do (1 Entry)
3. Follow on Twitter or if you already do (1 Entry)
4. Tweet this: @debtfreeby30 Blogaversarionaway! Win Your Money or Your Life and The Millionaire Next Door http://bit.ly/pkRlN3
5. Like on Facebook or if you already have (1 Entry)
6. Mention the giveaway on your blog. (3 Entries)
 This Giveaway is closed.

The rules:
1. Entries will be accepted until 12pm Eastern time, Sunday, August 28th. The winner will be announced Tuesday August 30th.
2. The winner will be chosen using random.org.
3. Use the giveaway form so I can keep track of all your entries.

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